Pre-SEXing Cannabis Seeds??!? (Read the description toooooo!)

This rumor may be true. Try it yourself and tell us what you find! (it’s ALWAYS important to read my descriptions for MORE DETAIL!)

When closely examining each seed before planting, you may select for sex by looking at the stem end. If there is a deep pit or dimple, then it is likely female. If there is a flat area, no dimple, or tiny pit, then probably male.

6/30 I planted my afghani strain which is usually 50/50 male/female, and selecting for deep dimples – Yep – got ALL LADIES!!!
I recently applied the same strategy to my Jesus OG seeds, and am waiting on results now. They are coming into their 2nd week of flower, and I should know soon. I’ll post a comment when I find out concretely.

If I get a strong looking male, I intend to cross it with one of the feminized Jorge’s Diamonds = a New J2 strain. 😀

we’ll see…..


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