How to Make Vegan Cannabutter with The Viet Vegan – Dolled Up Desserts

We decided to do something COMPLETELY different this week, and have collaborated with our friend Lisa from the Viet Vegan to bring you VEGAN CANNABUTTER + VEGAN CANNABUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES.

PART 2 OF THIS COLLAB is on the Viet Vegan (give her a sub!):

Making cannabutter and edibles are a fun and accessible way for people to try marijuana without the stigma of smoking or vaping. Making these products vegan is another great way to share the health benefits and effects of marijuana edibles. When made for personal use only, and done in the comfort of ones own home in a legal country or state, edibles can be a creative production. The important aspect is if it is done correctly. Although we are no experts, Dolled Up Desserts and the Viet Vegan have come together to bring you what we know about using marijuana in baking. This video provides you with information on the process of producing cannabutter, from buying your tools, to selecting marijuana, to self care reminders.

– we are not professionals making any informed recommendation for health benefit or medicinal use of marijuana;
– we do not claim any liability to what one produces at home using marijuana products. Viewers should refer to many sources online and in retail shops before producing their own edibles.
– DO NOT: share with children, consume in front of children; act on this if you are under the age of 19 (21 in some states); operate heavy machinery; drive any moving vehicle; overdose beyond the legal dose; make this product in an illegal country or state;
– Be kind to yourself. Enjoy with friends to ensure your safety and take things slow.

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